Perfect Partner Checklist

  • Who is your ideal partner?

Have you decided what qualities your partner absolutely MUST HAVE? What are your NON-NEGOTIABLES? How important is it that you know?

Perfect Partner Checklist can help you!

With The Checklist, you can pin down your “must-haves” and your “can’t haves” so you don’t settle for the wrong person.

Perfect Partner Checklist helps you define your ideal life partner, once and for all!

We invite you to invest $14.99 and about 30 minutes with Dr. Robin’s Checklist app to lock in what kind of person your ideal partner needs to be.

You might consider building your Checklist before you go searching online for social partners. We believe it will change how you think about your search for a partner!

And then you can get out there and meet people – online or in person – with the confidence that comes from knowing exactly what you will and won’t settle for! You’ll be amazed at what a difference having your Checklist in your back pocket can make!

So… are you ready?


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