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What is “My Accountability Coach?”

“My Accountability Coach” is a service and tool that can be used whenever and wherever you may need help getting your life better organized. In 10-to-15-minute scheduled reminder calls, we can bring the order to your life you’ve been looking for. A 15-minute phone call may seem short, but it can make a world of a difference. These scheduled calls create the sense of organization and control that you were hoping for.

We all need a reminder or two to keep us on track. Sometimes our world gets so crazy and upside down that keeping our life in order just seems too big to handle. Having someone help you get things back in order is sometimes all that’s needed. This is why we created “My Accountability Coach”!

Ordering “My Accountability Coach”

We will be with you as often as you want and help you to stay on track with the things most important to you! You can purchase our help in as few as 5 calls, or for 10, 15, or 20 calls at a time. Or more if you prefer.

Reminder calls and connections are only $10 a piece and can be used however they best serve you!

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 I understand that My Accountability Coach is not a clinical service and does not provide any form of clinical intervention or treatment. The My Accountability Coach service does not guarantee that I will be successful managing the issues for which I am requesting help. I hereby hold the people offering “My Accountability Coach” and Transform Consulting LLC harmless from any consequences that result from my participating or not participating in any activities referenced by this service, either directly or directly.

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