Thank God, It's Monday!


“Thank God, It’s Monday!” offers provocative insights into the way Generation Y and Generation Z digital learners experience their world and the learning process. This book offers teachers and parents a way to understand their young charges and how they problem-solve to make it through each day. The digital immigrant as teacher needs to rethink how they understand decisions are made by the younger digital native in order to insert themselves into the critical thinking and decision-making process. Otherwise, the conversation never really gets started, and the digital native regresses into a deer-in-the-headlights disconnection that precludes engagement and prevents learning. ​

“Thank God, It’s Monday!” examines why things have changed since the internet, and takes on the challenge of helping Generation X-ers connect with Generation Y and Generation Z in a meaningful way. The book dissects the obstacles and barriers to learning that are typical for the digital native, and uses facilitated discovery as a tool to bring the learner into full, unbridled engagement. The mission is to connect the life journey’s young traveler with his or her passion so career exploration and career selection are exciting, fulfilling exercises. 

Helping students answer the question “What do I want to do with my life?” is treated as an invigorating, stress-free process that is bubbling with joy and satisfaction. When the facilitated connection process works, the spiritual alignment that results between a person and his or her career is cause for a weekly joyous declaration, “Thank God, It’s Monday!” Review the opening of “Thank God, It’s Monday!” and purchase from, either in paperback or as an e-Book here